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Newcastle All Sports Association Student
Leadership Scholarship

Are you a graduating senior with a 3.0 GPA or better? Have you participated in, worked for, or volunteered for the Newcastle All Sports Association? Do you plan to attend college? If you answered “yes” to all of the questions, you are eligible to apply for the NASA Scholarship.

NASA will be awarding two $500.00 scholarships this year, one each to a deserving senior boy and girl. Applications and details can be obtained in the Newcastle High School counselor’s office or download the Scholarship Application.  Deadline is May 1.


Newcastle All Sports Association
Summer Speed and Agility

Do you want to become faster, stronger, and more explosive? Being skillful at the game of your chosen sport is one part of being an exceptional athlete. The other part is being physically superior to the competition. It is a fact that on National Signing Day, certain players are recruited for their athleticism alone. Why? The ability to take these athletes and put them right out on the college field. Since “faster, stronger, more explosive” is developed over time with consistent practice, those who have not consistently participated in such programs may not be physically ready for the next level.

Another reason to participate in this program is the development of good training habits that will significantly reduce the occurrence of sports and workout related injuries. Lifting weights (strength) is only part of a well-rounded workout program. Flexibility, speed, and agility are also just as important. This program will offer athletes a fun and exciting workout using the most effective methods and equipment in the industry. Speed and Agility will be tested electronically by a Browser Timing System, the same type of system used in combine training. Pro-Agility, T-Test, 40-Yard Dash, Flying 40, and 100-Yard Dash are just a few that will be tested.

Whatever the sport, speed and agility is a MUST!

AGES 10-18 (Girls and Boys)

To learn more about this program or other fitness programs through N.A.S.A. contact

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